Here at Manuli Hydraulics we thrive on innovation and the continuous development of our products to meet the ever-more demanding challenges of the Hydraulics Industry. To this end we have developed the ForeMaster range of isobaric hoses, which seamlessly merges state-of-the-art design with tried and trusted technology.

Comprising four isobaric pressure ratings, the ForeMaster range offers long lasting resistance to pressure impulse cycles (according to ISO 18752 Grade C), whilst simultaneously providing some of the highest impact and abrasion resistance available for a rubber-covered hose on the market today. With two distinct design philosophies related to the overall pressure ratings of the hoses, the ForeMaster range uses our proprietary ROC (Rubber Outstanding Cover) compound for the 21 MPa and 28 MPa families, and the innovative Armoured Cover concept for the 35 MPa and 42 MPa families. Both of these cover compounds represent the culmination of years of development and testing, to ensure that the service life of your hose is not limited by the life of the outer cover.

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Download the crimping chart by clicking the links below:

ForeMaster/21 Standard 1

ForeMaster/21 Alternative 1

ForeMaster/28 Standard 1

ForeMaster/28 Standard 2

ForeMaster/28 Alternative 1

ForeMaster/28 Alternative 2

ForeMaster/35 Standard 1

ForeMaster/35 Standard 2

ForeMaster/35 Alternative 1

ForeMaster/42 Standard 1