Since our inception, Manuli Hydraulics has established itself as the global leader in providing integrated hydraulic connector solutions. Over the years we have developed an extensive range of market leading products for an ever growing range of industries and applications, and in response to this increasing diversification Manuli Hydraulics itself has also had to evolve.

We have now introduced four Units within the Manuli Hydraulics Division, allowing us to focus our expertise in these areas and provide even better support for our customers, distributors and partners.


  • Manuli Hydraulics HP – Dedicated to continuing the legacy of our decades of hydraulic connectors expertise.
  • Manuli Conveyors LP & HP – Providing expertise and excellence in both high and low pressure non-hydraulic material conveying, including fuel, chemicals, abrasives, food, water & air, rotary and vibrator hose lines.
  • Manuli Refrigeration & Cooling – Offering dedicated hose and fitting solutions for refrigeration, A/C and cooling systems.
  • Manuli Equipment – An ever growing range of hose assembly equipment solutions dedicated to a full assembly process integration for both Hydraulics and Conveying hoses.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local Manuli Hydraulics Sales Representative who will be happy to help you.