Manuli Hydraulics is globally renowned for the quality, performance and reliability of its hydraulic connectors. However, even the best products can still be made better and as technologies develop there is often the opportunity to further improve our products.

For this reason we have evolved the design of the M03400-40 ferrule in order to further improve the reliability and robustness of the connection. The new M03450-40 ferrule will replace the existing M03400-40 ferrule on a stock rotation basis from June 2023. M03400-40 ferrules will no longer be available to order, and existing orders will be amended to include the new ferrule as appropriate based on stock availability.

  • Improved robustness and retention capacity
  • Improved sealing performance with large-bore DN 63 hoses
  • Improved fatigue resistance for all wire braid hoses using this solution

The main differences between the two ferrules are:

  • M03450-40 has a larger outside diameter vs. the old M03400-40 ferrule
  • M03450-40 has a thicker wall vs. the old M03400-40 ferrule

Crimping data is also different from the original M03400-40 data – download the full bulletin here to find out more.