Manuli Hydraulics has been always committed to supporting customers with high quality products and services to meet the needs of the most demanding markets and applications. Recognized for their high-performance and durability, Manuli large-bore, wire-spiral hoses have always been one of our key products.

We are pleased to announce that starting from Q4-2022, Manuli Hydraulics can deliver wire-spiral hoses of sizes 1¼”, 1½” and 2” in lengths of up to 61m (200ft).

This allows Manuli Hydraulics the opportunity to support a wider range of applications and market needs, with some typical application environments which require these longer lengths such as:

  • Offshore oil & gas
  • Foundation activities in construction (eg: grab machines, trench cutters)
  • Underground soft-rock and hard-rock mining
  • Tunnelling activities (eg: bore machines)
  • And many others

Features & benefits

  • Availability of fixed length assemblies up to 61m with only a single length of hose
  • Opportunity to manufacture very long assemblies over 100m with only a single additional connection point
  • Fewer leak points (connections) in long assemblies
  • Easier handling and manufacturing of long assemblies
  • Simplified long hose assembly installation and use on the equipment

List of Industrialised Hoses

Part Ref. Product Description
H10044032 ROCKMASTER/4SH DN 31
H10044038 ROCKMASTER/4SH DN 38
H10044051 ROCKMASTER/4SH DN 51
H10031A32 ROCKMASTER/12 DN 31
H10031A40 ROCKMASTER/12 DN 38
H10031A51 ROCKMASTER/12 DN 51
H10035032 ROCKMASTER/13 DN 31
H10035040 ROCKMASTER/13 DN 38
H10035051 ROCKMASTER/13 DN 51
H10049A32 ROCKMASTER/15 DN 31
H10049A40 ROCKMASTER/15 DN 38

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