As part of our strategic plan to further improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our supply chain and logistics functions, Manuli Hydraulics will soon relocate our European Distribution Hub from Bodenheim, Germany, to a 11,500m2 facility in Legnica, Poland. For...


Visit Manuli Hydraulics at the NAHAD annual convention 2018

On 28th April to 1st May Manuli Hydraulics will be exhibiting at the annual National Association of Hose and Accessories Distributors (NAHAD) convention in Marco Island, Florida, USA. Manuli will showcase their extensive range of connection solutions dedicated to the...


Manuli Hydraulics awarded ‘Best Supply Performance’

Manuli Hydraulics have been honoured with the award for “Best Supply Performance” at the Manitou supplier conference. The Manitou Group are a worldwide leader in material-handling, and recognise suppliers at their awards based on their performance throughout the year...




Spirtex and Spirtex/HT Hoses Launched

Spirtex/K is a high performance, R4 hose which has remained one of the most popular and reliable Manuli hoses since its launch. As part of our continuous improvement and development policy we have created two new hose families based on the success of the original...


New ForeMaster Hose Range Launched

Here at Manuli Hydraulics we thrive on innovation and the continuous development of our products to meet the ever-more demanding challenges of the Hydraulics Industry. To this end we have developed the ForeMaster range of isobaric hoses, which seamlessly merges...


Manuli Launches Anaconda Hose Range for Hydrostatic Drives

Hydrostatic drives are a widely used method of power transmission, due to their fast response times and ease of speed regulation. Anaconda is the first hose by Manuli Hydraulics which has been purpose designed to meet the specific challenges presented by hydrostatic...


New Underground Mining Catalogue

Manuli Hydraulics is proud to announce the release of our new underground mining catalogue. This catalogue showcases our wide range of fluid conveyance solutions, components and associated equipment tailored for the underground mining industry. In addition to...



露天采矿的挑战——巨大的载荷、高温和坚韧的材料——对在这些环境中工作的巨型机器的液压系统提出了巨大的要求。为了保证每吨开采的成本到最小,露天采矿用巨型挖掘机操作必须要能持续工作,且停机维修时间最短,维修间隔时间最长。 在这些液压系统上承受最大应力的软管总成,通常称为动臂“驼峰软管”,该软管总成将能量从主控制阀供应到动臂。高压、恒定的应力和高的流体温度可以导致软管总成快速老化,所以要求该软管总成最具有弹性。...


LubeMaster – Remote lubrication made simple

Lubrication is the lifeblood of almost any mechanical system with moving parts. From bearings and joints to gears and cables, without a constant, reliable supply of grease and oil they would seize up and potentially cause catastrophic damage to the equipment....


Update to Q.Safe Flat Face Products

As part of our continuous improvement policy, we have introduced a number of changes to the Q.Safe Flat Face range of quick couplings. These changes include: The female MQS-F and MQS-FH couplings are now connectible with up to 6 bar of residual pressure The MQS-FP,...


New MTB 2000 Test Bench

Manuli Hydraulics is pleased to announce the new MTB 2000 test bench, allowing for the safe and efficient testing of up to 6 hose assemblies at a time. Easy to use and robust, the MTB 2000 allows advanced testing to be carried out at pressures of up to 2,000 bar...


New Crimping Machines – The EVO Range

Manuli Hydraulics assembly machines are part of an integrated product range, designed to ensure users get the best results and maximum benefits from their Manuli hoses and fittings. The latest evolution of this range are the new EVO crimping machines. This range...