Manuli Hydraulics has always offered a world-class range of hydraulic connector solutions, but we don’t like to rest on our laurels and are always looking for ways to improve our existing product range and manufacturing processes.

Recent investment in new, top-of-the-range CNC turning and tube bending equipment has meant that we are now able to manufacture certain large-bore elbow-flange fittings from a single billet of steel rather than from several pieces which have been welded together.

This process improvement allows us to produce an even higher-quality product in a shorter amount of time and, importantly, with a greatly reduced risk of potential manufacturing defects.

The benefits of this new production method are:

  • Fewer production operations resulting in quicker turnaround
  • More robust fitting
  • Eliminates the possibility of leaks
  • Overall better quality of product with more uniform material characteristics throughout
  • Elimination of risk of corrosion in welded areas
  • Better visual appearance due to improved uniformity of plating
  • Perfectly smooth and continuous inner bore

This new production method has resulted in some minor dimensional changes to the fittings concerned, so it is important that you assess your production processes accordingly.

The full list of products and dimensional changes can be downloaded here.