Superior water cleaning hoses and fittings



Ultimate water blasting performance


Water Cleaning & Blasting

The Manuli Hydraulics Water Cleaning and Blasting range is designed specifically for applications which involve high static pressures. With several dedicated hose families, Manuli can cater for both hobby-level and professional standard high pressure water jet applications.






Water  Cleaning

Designed for hobbyist and professional water cleaning machines, the Manuli range of water cleaning hoses are suitable for both hot and cold water applications.

With a safety factor of 4:1 and complying with the IEC-2 safety norm, the water cleaning range includes:


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Water  Blasting

The water blasting product range is designed for maximum robustness and ease of handling in ultra-high static pressure applications.

With static working pressures of up to 21,000psi and a safety factor of 2.5:1, the Manuli water blasting range complies with the following international specifications:

AS/NZ 4233.2
ISO 7751


The water blasting range also has a dedicated fitting solution, Blastlock, designed specifically to cope with the incredibly high pressures involved in water blasting applications. The water blasting hose range include:


Download the Manuli Hydraulics Water Cleaning & Blasting Catalogue now