Just over a year ago we launched the MQS-FEH Extra Heavy Duty quick coupling, designed for use in high-vibration situations.

In these demanding applications typical service life of a quick coupling can be as low as just 40 hours.

Meanwhile, the innovative design of the MQS-FEH quick coupling has been proven to provide more than 400 hours service life before any significant wear is noticeable.

As you can imagine, the market response was both immediate and hugely positive, with a significant number of aftermarket maintenance users opting to replace their existing quick couplings with the MQS-FEH.

That being said, after releasing any state-of-the-art innovative product we always evaluate real-world customer experiences in order to identify any opportunities for further improvement.

So after listening to your feedback we have upgraded the design to be even more efficient.

The new version of the MQS-FEH has now eliminated the need for any tooling for disassembly, whilst still retaining the security and amazing performance of the original.

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