As people and businesses have started becoming more environmentally aware in recent years, there has been a global trend towards hybrid and fully-electric vehicles. Requiring less energy to run and producing drastically fewer harmful emissions, the question is not “will hybrid and electric vehicles supersede fossil-fuel driven vehicles?”, but “when?”.

Compact off-highway vehicles such as mini excavators, forklifts and tele-handlers are just some of the equipment that is evolving due to this new trend, and one of the main enablers is the development of more efficient and more powerful batteries for powering the electrical components.

However, these batteries and the associated components require far more space within the vehicle frame than a typical diesel engine. This means that in order to keep the vehicle footprint compact and equivalent to that of a diesel vehicle there is going to be significantly less space available to house the hydraulic systems.

The batteries and the other electrical components also generate a lot of heat and therefore require additional cooling, not typically required on diesel vehicles, which further compounds the space issue.

Manuli Hydraulics has decades of experience providing practical solutions to problems such as this, and are therefore able to offer a complete package of connectors to suit this type of situation.

The Manuli Hydraulics package consists of:

  • A full range of low- and medium-pressure, compact wire-braid hoses with excellent flexibility and very low minimum bend radii
  • Push-to-connect fitting solutions for easy connection in space-limited situations
  • Dedicated cooling system hoses suitable for water-glycol coolants

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