In 2013 the European standard for fire safety on railway rolling stock, EN 45545, was issued and has since become mandatory in Europe. These harmonised fire safety requirements require almost everything weighing more than 100 grams on an item of rolling stock to undergo stringent fire safety testing. This has had a major effects on a wide range of operators and manufacturers, including upholsterers, cable suppliers and, of course, hydraulic hose manufacturers.

Manuli has developed a dedicated range of hoses designed to meet the requirements of this standard, using materials that limit fire development and produce low levels of smoke and toxic fumes in the event of a fire. Compliance with the standard is broken down into 3 Hazard Levels (HL1, HL2 & HL3) and tests are conducted for both internal and external use.

The Manuli Railway Applications range consists of 3 specific hose families, RockMaster/4SP and the newly developed SafeMaster/2SN and SafeMaster/2SC hose families.

Each of these hoses has been independently tested and qualified to the following Hazard Levels.

SafeMaster/2SN (DN 6 – 38)

  • R22 (Internal): HL3
  • R23 (External): HL3

SafeMaster/2SC (DN 6 – 25)

  • R22 (Internal): HL1
  • R23 (External): HL2

RockMaster/4SP (DN 6 – 51)

  • R22 (Internal): HL1
  • R23 (External): HL2

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Download the crimping charts for the new SafeMaster hoses by clicking on the links below: