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About Manuli Hydraulics

Manuli Hydraulics continues to expand its operations throughout the world with the aim of strengthening its position as leading provider of hydraulics solutions.
The standard of products and services is recognised world wide as one of the best in various market segments and represents the base on which the Group will build its future growth. Manuli Hydraulics products are used in hydraulic circuits for industrial applications in various fields such as construction, earthmoving, agriculture, transport, mining and shipping.

Manuli Hydraulics is also able to offer an assembly service and operates as an European System Integrator as well its extensive know how, specialised competence and in-house synergy ensures ideal solutions to all problems through specific planning and problem solving.

Main applications

  •   Hydraulics system for industrial machinery
  •   Hydraulics system for off-highway vehicles
  •   Hydraulics system for underground mining equipment
  •   Hydraulics system for drilling industry
  •   Rotary systems for drilling platforms
  •   Mobile refrigeration systems and air conditioning systems for off-highway vehicles

Product range

  • Wire braid and spiral reinforced rubber hoses
  • Textile braid reinforces rubber hoses
  • Rotary hoses for drilling
  • Hose fittings
  • Quick coupling
  • Staple-lock adaptors and fittings
  • Other fluid connectors
  • Assembling machines
  • Hose assemblies for high and very high pressure
  • Hose assemblies for water cleaning & water blasting applications

Manufacturing facilities

  • Hoses: China, Italy & Poland
  • Connectors: Poland
  • Assembling machines: France & Poland
  • Assembling units: China, Czech Republic, France, India, South Korea & United Kingdom
  • OEM Alliance Partner facilities: Americas

Global Sales Network
Manuli Hydraulics provides commercial and technical support guaranteeing worldwide availability of its products and services. The sales and service network is organised as follows:

  • WHOLESALE Branches (Western/Eastern Europe, Americas, Asia and Oceania)
  • Fully owned OEM assembling facilities (Europe and East Asia)
  • OEM ALLIANCE partner facilities (North/South Americas); world-wide DISTRIBUTOR network
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